Trip to Croatia: Split


From the Island Brač we took ferry (only 50 min) to Split to catch our flight home early in the morning next day. We had about a half day to explore the city. It was mainly just wondering around and eating and playing at children's play ground.


Walls of 1700 years old Palace. This is the heart of Old town in Split. We found nice home stay apartment from Airbnb which was located inside this Palace.


Inner courtyard and stairs to the apartment. Nearby restaurant had a backyard tables for the owners and guests for the home stay. Lady of the house had lived in that same apartment about 40 years. She woke up to say goodbye to us had packed little snack to take with.


I asked Kimmo to take a pic about how Split looks like in the evening while I was staying at apartment with sleeping kid. I did some packing too to get ready for early morning flight.

We had a great trip to Croatia and now we are back in Mummola! Thank you for joining!