1) Granny's place
 2) Grandma's place
 3) Grandparents place
 4) Grandparents home

Mummola is word for a place where grandparents live. This is also our home where we live closely together with three generations. 

We would like our guests to experience Mummola and Lapland like they were our friends visiting us. We are open all year round and welcome the guests with the best that every season has to offer combined with local event, our family activities and festive traditions.

Mummola Travels - Full Day & Night All inclusive Experience.

NEW for the winter season 2019-2020!! Bed & Breakfast option for independent travellers.


All this started as project (and a journey) towards rediscovering our roots. Bubbling underneath was possible career change inspired by our everyday life here in Mummola.

As we decided to stay "for good" in beginning of August 2015 I started as an entrepreneur leading Mummola Travels towards hosting guests from all around the world. You are more than welcome to meet us!

At the moment I'm excited to live in Lapland with three generations of my husbands family. I'm also enjoying being a mom of two children and I'm happy they got this big family around him. I'm eager to explore the amazing nature in Lapland, learn carpet weaving and baking flat bread with Ämmi and all the other things I'm able to experience (or Learn). I'm writing notes and taking photos, so I can share the moments with you.


Moving back to Lapland after living more than 10 years in Helsinki was a big change in our lives. My family has run the farm for many generations and we wanted to explore if we can continue it in our style. Our one year experiment is already running its fourth year and we have build new home for our family.

I have started to work as a software developer for Congrid, a company in Helsinki. It is wonderful to be able to work from home and make your own timetables.

I really enjoy mountain biking and I am searching for new routes in the forests nearby. My favourite tracks are the ones made by reindeers.

OLAVI and Helmi 

Our son was born in Helsinki 2012. He will melt your heart with his smile and demand you to play with him. Our new family member Helmi was born in July 2017 and is easy going and enjoys chasing her big brother.

All incl accommodation - Grey Log house

Master bedroom 16 m2: Double bed 160 cm wide, wardrobe, couch, small desk, window blid

Small room 6 m2: Double bed 140 cm wide, small cabinet and an arm chair, window blind

Big common room 80 m2: Dining tables, wood burning oven, fire place, weaving loom, Wi-Fi

Sauna: Big traditional sauna, with shower and toilet sharing the same space

Kitchen: Electric stove, microwave oven, dishwasher, fridge, laundry machine, ironing board and iron


SOME DETAILS - all inclusive

Mummola Travels all inclusive experience is best suitable for individual travellers, small families or group of friends between 1-4 persons.

Normally we have breakfast around 8 am, lunch 12, dinner 5 pm. Tee, coffee, snacks etc. available anytime.

Some extra clothing for different seasons. Like winter clothing, rubber boots, mosquito hats etc.

Mummola is a stress free destination for families travelling with kids. We have all the basic equipment so you don't need to bring them with you. Strollers, baby bed, high chair, toys, books, clothes if needed etc. The courtyard is a big playground.



Kittilä Airport 20 km / 20 minutes

Rovaniemi Airport / Train Station 130 km / 1,5 hours

Kolari Train Station 70 km / 1 hour

Ski Resorts Levi and Ylläs / 40 km / 40 minutes

Grocery Shops in Kittilä / 20 km / 20 minutes

Bus Connection from Rovaniemi to Kaukonen

Helsinki 1000 km / Flight 1,5 hours



On the right side is B&B - Red Main House.

Kimmo's parents / ARMI (mother) and KALLE (father) a.k.a ÄMMI and ÄIJI are taking care of the farm.

Kimmo's parent's house is the middle one.

Ämmi and Äiji are Finnish names for grandparents in Lapland. 

Gray Log House is the accommodation for our all inclusive guests and place for special events for the family.

You can see our new (build 2018) private family home on the field behind red main houses.

You might meet also some neighbours and other relatives during your stay!