Samantha's Greetings from Mummola

Samantha visited us during last Summer 2016. Here's something she wrote about her visit.

I had the pleasure of staying at Mummola travels and to experience all the many wonderful things that Mummola and Lapland have to offer. I visited in July so weather was beautiful. We got to go hiking at Fell Särkitunturi the first part of my trip to see the fells. The air was cool and clean and the Fells were amazing.

I really enjoyed staying at Mummola and being part of the family. Getting to experience the everyday life of living on a farm in Lapland was  great opportunity. I got o see the dairy cows and pet a baby cow that was only just born before. There was also the yearly festival that takes place on the property and was a lot of fun.

We also did a road trip through Sweden and stayed two nights in Norway. We got to take in some beatiful scenic lakes along the way, and to eat a picnic lunch in the gorgeous surroundings. We stayed in a picturesque little fishing village in Norway and went on few hikes.


Near the end of my trip at Mummola, I got to go picking for cloudberries. This is a truly unique and amazing thing to do in Lapland.

Being from Texas, I had never had cloudberries before visiting Finland. But to be able to hike through the woods to arrive at the cloudberry fields to not only pick our own cloudberries but to eat them as well, was the best part.

The hike was hard at times with our rain boots when the ground became swampy, and we were mosquito hat to keep the mosquitos away, but this is all part of cloudberry picking in Lapland. And after preparing and tasting traditional Finnish bread cheese with the Mummola family, it was well worth the effort!

I have many wonderful memories from my visit at Mummola Travels and plan to visit next January to experience a Finnish Lapland winter. To be continued...