Mountain biking in Ylläs

Cycling became one of my favourite hobbies in 2008 when I started to cycle to work in Helsinki. Now I don't have a commute anymore and have plenty of wilderness around me. To get started I joined Markus for my first real mountain biking trip. Markus started in Ylläsjärvi and I joined him in Äkäslompolo where I rented a bicycle. We had the biggest climb in the beginning when we went to the top of fell Kukastunturi. It was quite flat at the top as you can see below but steep enough that we had to walk at places to get there. All in all it was 250 m of elevation in 5 km.

I had a really good time. The terrain changed constantly but was not too technical for me even though I hadn't been mountain biking before but challenging enough to be interesting. One specialty were the timber trackways. They are wide enough to be ridden but it took a while before I was really relaxed while riding them. 5 hours and 30 km later I was sold. I will definitely return here often and also try to find all the interesting routes close to Kaukonen. Also, I just received an email telling that I have a big package coming from Germany. Next time I can go with my own mountain bike!