Nora, Helsinki

Kimmo's sister Nora visited home for one week. Nora wanted to test our Mummola activities and especially try mountain biking (Kimmo's new hobby) and cycling along the wooden paths over the swamps. Nora is kind of a world a traveller and a very sporty woman! She is self employed entrepreneur. Her company Punainen Pensseli offers home renovations like painting and mounting wall paper. Read more about about her visit and the conquer of the Fell Kukas from HERE

TOM & PIHLA, paris

It is totally possible to get married before coming to Mummola. Meet Tom & Pihla who surprised us and all their friends! This lovely just married couple lives and works in Paris, France. Tom works as a artistic director/designer/photographer and Pihla as a travel journalist. Tom has founded Le Bonbon Magazine which presents newest places to go and things to do in Paris. Tom & Pihla promised to revile the facts about their "honeymoon", so stay tuned on their article and review about Mummola. Coming soon HERE!

PIERRE, RIINA & FELIX, copenhagen

This happy family visited Mummola in early June. Riina works as business controller for Scandic Hotels and Pierre as medical device consultant. This Finnis-Canadian family from Copenhagen had a chance to participate Silence Festival. They enjoyed chilly days without mosquitos and Midnight Sun during the night. Read more about their stay in Mummola from HERE!




PÄIVI, san fransisco

This is my Sister Päivi from sunny California, San Fransisco. Last time she didn't see any reindeers so we made that thing right on her second trip. Oh, and we did see Northern Lights too! Päivi takes care for her longing to Finland on her occasional visits to Lake Tahoe. I'm happy that she comes every now and then to Finland too. Päivi works on Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center and part of her job is to plan activities and trips for the customers. Read more what we experienced during her stay from herehere and HERE!