Trip to Croatia: Dubrovnik

20150502-P1150335 We are back home in Kaukonen and there's no snow anymore! And rhubarb is already growing at Mummi's garden. But little bit about our holiday. Here's our tips and tricks for travelling with tree year old quite successfully. Here you go!

Note to self: Check the expire dates from passports! I was lucky to get express passport from the airport police office and we could carry on our journey...after few tears and change of flights.

Choosing Croatia as our travel destination turned out as great as we imagined. We didn't have time to book any place to stay beforehand for Dubrovnik so we decided to explore the city little bit with our back bags .

Due to the passport episode we flew first to Dubrovnik instead of Split. We were really happy with that when we arrived to the destination and saw the first glimpse of the city. And we found nice apartment (Sensa) nearby with little "secret garden" at the back yard (pics on Instagram). We booked the place through internet while standing in front of the apartment. We were lucky that  the woman who rented it out was only five minutes away. She was just laughing about our quick moves.


This was the second day after arrival and we headed to the city right after breakfast. Walking around the city walls was great choice for day activity with our son. During peak season it might be too hot but now it was just perfect.


We saw the see and beach up from the city walls. And actually it was perfect time to for little break and snack. Walking around the city walls takes about two hours. We walked only the sea side and headed after that to the Banje beach. Afterwards I read from Travel Guide that city side is amazing too. Oh well, something for the next time!



After the beach we had proper lunch and afterwords our son was ready to sleep his daily nap. This child carrier is really useful and I was able to do little bit shopping at the small stores in old town while he was sleeping.


In the evening we did another sightseer tour after dinner. We took cable car up to see the whole city.


The next day we were about to move ourselves to Island Brač. We had booked Hotel (Lipa) with swimming pool!

Ferry started it's Summer season and it was first day we were able to get directly from Dubrovnik to the Island Brač. Ferry trip was so easy with kid even though it took about for hours. And again because of the low season it was easy to get tickets on short notice. Other option would have been bus that stops on every little village on it's way.